Graveyard Shift - Candle


Welcome to the Graveyard Shift!
Our new handmade soy candles will get you through those daunting evenings. While you burn away the night you will uncover a haunting mystery pin.

No. 001 - Ghost With the Most:
Do you have trouble with the living? Then light this Phthalate Free uplifting citrus spirit scent candle and reveal our newest Beetlejuice inspired pin!

No. 002 - Festering Memories:
Are you inspired by the supernatural? Then light this Phthalate Free lively funeral flowers scent candle and reveal our updated Fester inspired pin!

No. 003 - A Pennywise Trick:
Want to relive those childhood nightmares? Then light this Phthalate Free grim shortcake surprise scent candle and reveal TWO pins inspired by IT!

- 22 OZ (650 ml) of 100% Soy Wax
- 4" x 5.5" 26 OZ Jar Size
- 2 Wicks
- 80+ Hours Burn Time
- Mystery Pin included - some have a mini card

*Each candle is hand poured, therefore slight differences may occur.*
*Average burn times depend on drafts, size of wick, fragrance, etc.*

(If this item is purchased with a pre-order item it will be shipped once all are available.)