Collectible Trading Cards


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Let these trading cards bring you back to a simpler time, a nostalgic time. A time where one values a sticker and the trill of ripping open the shiny sleeve of opportunity!

This listing is for one card pack, set of your choosing.

Sets include:

*Addams Family- 8 cards with 1 sticker.

*Beetlejuice (Cartoon)- 5 cards with 1 glow in the dark sticker.

*Universal Monsters of the Silver Screen- 8 foil stamped cards with 1 sticker. *Random bonus cards.

*Tales from the Crypt- 8 cards *Random bonus holographic cards.

*Goosebumps- 6 cards *Random special/sticker cards.

*Scooby Doo- 4 cards with 1 sticker *Random autograph/sketch cards.

*Toxic High- 5 stickers.

*The Frighteners- 7 foil cards *Random special cards.

*Judge Dredd- 8 cards *1 is foil stamped.

*Harry and the Hendersons- 9 cards and 1 sticker.

*X-files: Season 1- 6 cards.

*X-files: Season 3- 6 cards.

*RoboCop 2: 9 cards and 1 sticker.

*Ghostbusters 2: 8 cards and 1 sticker.