Ghoul Scout Merit Badge - Patch


Do you have what it takes to become an Official Ghoul Scout?
You must be a fan of the macabre, and have the traits of an eerie nature to call yourself a true ghoul.

Each Merit Badge highlights an attribute needed to fully understand the makings of a Ghoul Scout.
Available individually or in 6 different sets, all include iron-on backing.

Badge Set A:
-2.75" Dodge the Undead- Survival
-2.5" Worm Wrangler- Achievement
-2.75" Conquer Earth- Skill

Badge Set B:
-2.5" B-Movie Survivor- Survival
-2.75" Seek the Unknown- Achievement
-2.5" See the Truth- Skill

Badge Set C:
-2.75" Caretaker- Survival
-2.5" Dimension Jumper- Achievement
-2.75" Trophy Hunter- Skill

Badge Set D:
-2.75" Movie Sign - Survival
-2.5" Scorched Puft - Achievement
-2.5" Rule Breaker - Skill

Badge Set E:
-2.5" Balrog Mine - Survival
-2.75" Puzzle Master - Achievement
-2.5" Story Teller - Skill

Badge Set F:
-2.75" Away Mission - Survival
-2.5" Mutation - Achievement
-2.5" Hive Mind - Skill

Keep creeping on and collect all eighteen!

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