Wes Anderson Homage - Medium Candle


Welcome to the Graveyard Shift!
Our new handmade soy candles will get you through those daunting evenings. While you burn away the night you will uncover a haunting mystery pin.

- 17 OZ (481 ml) of 100% Soy Wax
- 3.6" x 4" 22 OZ Jar Size
- Glass lid included
- 2 Wicks
- 105+ Hours Burn Time
- Mystery Pin included - some have a mini card

*Candle/pin combo can be bought or just the Candle option.*
*Each candle is hand poured, therefore slight differences may occur.*
*Average burn times depend on drafts, size of wick, fragrance, etc.*

The Upstairs Closet - Essence of Royal :
This Wes Anderson homage candle has notes of the father figure that was once there, with its musk and woody scent. Yet there is an amber scent that brings joy and hopefulness into your home. Uncover a mystery pin based on The Royal Tenenbaums.

Bean Farms - Alcoholic Cider:
This Wes Anderson homage candle has a true ripe apple fragrance that finishes with a touch of spice with its hints of cinnamon and cedar wood. It smells almost exactly like pure, melted gold. Uncover a mystery pin based on Fantastic Mr. Fox.

Klaus: B-Squad - Ping Island Pineapple:
This Wes Anderson homage candle brings the tropical island indoors with it's scents of pineapple, orange and creamy coconut. You can't have sunshine without a little desperation, so we've added a hint of Rum to mellow you out... It's okay cause your on B-squad. Uncover a mystery pin based on Life Aquatic.

(If this item is purchased with a pre-order item it will be shipped once all are available.)