Graveyard Shift - Medium Candle


Welcome to the Graveyard Shift!
Our new handmade soy candles will get you through those daunting evenings. While you burn away the night you will uncover a haunting mystery pin.

- 17 OZ (481 ml) of 100% Soy Wax
- 3.6" x 4" 22 OZ Jar Size
- Glass lid included
- 1 Wick
- 105+ Hours Burn Time
- Mystery Pin option available - some have a mini card

*Candle/pin combo can be bought or just the Candle option.*
*Each candle is hand poured, therefore slight differences may occur.*
*Average burn times depend on drafts, size of wick, fragrance, etc.*
Ghost With the Most: Uplifting Citrus Spirit
Do you have trouble with the living? Scare them away with a fresh citrus scent that's sure to raise the dead. Hints of candied tangerine, and stawberry will give you a fruit punch feel!

Festering Memories: Lively Funeral Flowers
Are you inspired by burial grounds? If you want to feel like your in the graveyard then light up this ripe blackberry vanilla scent that will remind you of a freshly buried bouquet.

A Pennywise Trick: Grim Shortcake Surprise
Want to relive those childhood memories? Only pleasant feels will come from this strawberry and vanilla cake extracted scent. Not responsible for any red balloons that may appear.

Bewitched by Binx: Haunting Pumpkin Harvest
Looking for luck this Halloween? Then carve your way through this pumpkin and nutmeg scent. Its sure to light up your jack-o-lantern.

Friends Don't Lie: Coffee and Contemplation
Do you need a friend to help you defeat the creatures in the dark? Wake up right with this nostalgic hazelnut scent that will help you come up with a plan to fight off anyone!

Devil Made Me Do It - Hell Bent Cinnamon
Feeling demonic? This candle is sure to shake your demons loose with its spicy notes of cinnamon. There is just the right amount of hot and sweet combined to form the perfect scent!

(If this item is purchased with a pre-order item it will be shipped once all are available.)